Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Will Make You The Life Of The Party

Whether you want to be spooky, sexy, or just plain funny, we've got you covered. Check out some of our favorite picks below.

Halloween is just around the corner and you know what that're invited to at least four different costume parties and you have no idea what you're going to wear. Well, never fear! We've got you covered with their selection of last-minute Halloween costumes. Whether you want to be spooky, sexy, celebrity inspired or just plain funny check out some of our favorite picks below.

For the Comic Fan: Batgirl Costume, $59.99

This DC Comics Batgirl Costume Dress comes with everything you need to become Gotham's heroine. The costume includes a black dress with the iconic bat symbol on the chest, a yellow belt, a yellow cape, a pair of black gloves, and a black mask. With this costume, you'll be ready to take on the Joker and save Gotham City from destruction.

For the Funny One: The Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Costume, $39.99

This one is sure to get some laughs! This Sumo Wrestler costume comes complete with an inflatable body suit, headpiece, and belt. Just slip it on and's that easy!  

For the Sexy One: The Poison Ivy Costume, $41.95

This Poison Ivy costume includes a green leaf dress with attached ivy vines, gloves, and thigh-high stockings. The perfect choice for the woman who wants to unleash her inner vixen! 

For the Creative One: The Cat in the Hat Costume, $49.99

This Dr. Seuss classic is always a hit! This Cat in the Hat costume comes fit with a full body Bell Bottom suit with a matching hat. Pair it with a pair of boots and you'll look absolutely purr-fect.

For the 80's Lover: Top Gun Flight Dress Costume, $45.65  

Create a Halloween costume look that’s as unique as this classic movie, with a Top Gun Flight Dress. Pair up with your favorite co-pilot, cause with each costume includes a Maverick and Goose name badge you can interchange to customize your look. 

For the Cosplayer: Sailor Moon Costume, $59.99

This Sailor Moon Costume Dress is an awesome choice for anyone looking to show their cosplay fandom pride. It includes everything you need to get the complete look of the beloved character, including a shirt, skirt, cuffs, choker, and headband. 

No matter what your Halloween style may be, Amazon has got you covered with their selection of last-minute Halloween costumes for your ultimate Halloween party. So don't wait until the last minute to find a costume or Halloween decorations...Amazon has got you covered! Happy shopping!